Sunday, June 21, 2009

Twin Creeks Gone With Z Wind "Ashley"

Decided to share pictures of our girl "Ashley" Twin Creeks Gone With Z Wind she is a daddy's girl and loves my husband, Ashley will turn 6 years old in August. These photos were taken in October 2007 while we were at the Boise shows.

Ashley is retired from the show ring, she developed a bunny hop in the rear. When she was a puppy she jumped down from the back of our couch over a railing and landed by the front door it was about a 6 foot drop, we took her in to the vets nothing was broken but she decided that when she runs she has to do a bunny hop as she was recovering and didn't want to put any weight on her rear. She has been x-rayed many times but as she has gotten older the hop is more visible. So now she just is my husband companion when I'm at work she has to supervise whatever he does at home and he loves it.


Kathi D said...

She is so pretty! She reminds me of our Bonnie, who is 14 1/2 now.

Cool Design Shelties said...

She is very pretty - pity she can't be showed! :o)