Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cody takes 1st Place in Novice B Class

Well today we started our quest for Cody's CD (Companion Dog) title in Obedience, the weather was warm and beautiful, could not of been a more beautiful day to show a dog. I'm very pleased to announce that Cody has his first qualifying score in Novice B with a 189 and to boot a 1st place finish. Now we have qualify two more times to get his title.

Cody and I just about to start our on leash healing

Cody and I doing the figure 8 (figure 8 is done around the two people that are post)

Cody being gone over by the Judge in the stand for exam

Cody just finished his recall and is still in front of me waiting for the next comand

Look Cody got a blue ribbon for 1st place so proud of my little dog.
Cody is looking up at his ribbon as to say I did good mom.

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