Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gabby at 16 wks old

Here are a couple of photos taken of Gabby last night at my friend Marie's house she helped me with her ear brace. Gabby was 16 weeks last Thursday.
Akadia Something to Talk About "Gabby" 16 wks

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gabby's first night at handling class

Gabby's training to hopefully be a show dog started last night at Kyle Henefer's training facility in Hooper, Utah. In Gabby's class were a Great Dane, Cocker Spaniel, 13 wk old Mastiff and two little dogs not sure what breed. As soon as we entered the building and I put Gabby down to start moving her, she stood and basically said a can't move my feet they are glued to the floor.

These two picture show me trying to get her to move even with good treats she said no.

These two pictures are Gabby on the table and she did really well on the table as you can see her tail is tucked between her legs, but by the end of the class she was wagging her tail on the table.

I did get Gabby moving and by the end of the class she was moving beautifully but hubby didn't get a photo of that. One of her last down and back she figured out I can do this and moved out and impressed Kyle everyone in the class said she was faking it earlier. I was so proud of her and this socialization was wonderful for her. We had so much fun it was a blast can't wait and until our next class. We are keep our fingers crossed that she grows up beautiful and stays in size cause we sure had fun last night.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gabby's heads to school tonight!!!!

Gabby's starts her journey into becoming hopefully a show dog tonight. I got Gabby enrolled in a 5 week handling class taught by Kyle Henefer a Professional Handler that lives about 10 minutes from us. We are excited to start the class as I have never trained a show dog for the breed ring and I don't want to teach her the wrong way and cause bad habits.

My hubby is going with me tonight and he is going to have my camera so hopefully we will get some shots of Gabby in class.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Scary Saturday at our house!!!!

Saturday morning I got up feed and let out all the dogs, the backdoor was open so they could come in and out as they pleased and it was a beautiful morning and the gate to our yard was closed. Well I decided to take a shower and head out to do some shopping. Gabby and Cody were in the house with me so I put Gabby away in her crate with some more food and put Cody away behind the gate, and headed out to get Ashley and Tyson. I called for them the only dog that came was Ashley, Tyson was gone someone had opened up our gate.

Got my husband up and we hunted the neighborhood talked to people to see if they had seen a sheltie or a collie looking dog and no one had. My heart sank as we were 1-1/2hours in to the search and there was no sign of him. I talked to his breeder Marie Miles of Hill View Shelties and let her know what was going on.

I decided to go down and get some more paper so I could make up flyer's and while I was gone my hubby called me on the cell phone and said he was home. One of the people we had stopped and talked too saw him and got him and brought him home to us. My hubby said that he went out to the guys car and Tyson was just lying in the back seat.

I'm so happy to have him home, he was gone for over 4 hours. Saturday night we headed up to the local hardware store and brought a padlock so we can lock the gate. If I head lost all 4 of the dogs I would of been devastated.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gabby outside on a beautiful Easter Sunday

It was such a beautiful morning I decided to go outside and do some training with "Cody" Akadia Wildfire, RA as we are getting ready for shows in June. But I also decided it was a good time to start leash training Gabby. We brought her a rolled leather collar yesterday and I had a thin long line which I use in Obedience training and put that on her. We started slow and with the help of sliced ham she started moving on the leash. Then I decided to take some photos of her and it was very hard to do but here are some shots of her.

Gabby at 14 wks
Head shot of Gabby

A girl has to have a good scratch and roll in the grass.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My cruise photos are posted on webshots

If you are interested my cruise photos are posted on webshots, I had taken just under 800 photos but got them down to 332 photos which are now posted. Here is the link:

They have been posted since Tuesday and so far I have had ovcer 13,000 hits. Hope you enjoy.