Friday, May 29, 2009

The Box!!!

Gabby is teething right now, so we gave her a box to chew on in hopes that the loose teeth will come out. The other dogs are wondering what the heck, but Gabby loves her box.

Cody checks out the box
Ashley standing guard over the box

Gabby dives in head first!!! got to love puppies.

I have decided to post to my blog our upcoming trip to Idaho and the quest to get Cody his CD title, his Rally Excellent and first leg of his RAE we are taking the laptop and camera so I will post to my blog every night. We hit the road in June 8th.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cody's entries are all sent in!

Well all the entries have been sent in or entered online for Cody, we will be busy showing next month trying to get Cody's Obedience CD title his Rally Excellent title and hopefully his first leg of his RAE.

Here is our schedule:

June 6th and 7th Novice B (Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club, Farmington, Utah)

June 8th Travel day we will be off to Twin Falls, Idaho about a 3 hour drive

June 9th & 10th Novice B (Snake River Canyon Kennel Club show, Filer, Idaho)

June 10th After the show we pack-up and drive about 2 hours across the state of Idaho to Blackfoot, Idaho

June 11th - June 13th Rally Excellent B (Blackfoot Cluster shows, Blackfoot, Idaho)

June 14th Going for our first RAE leg hopefully, (Blackfoot Cluster shows, Blackfoot, Idaho)

I know I'm crazy for such a crazy schedule of showing, but we don't have alot of shows here in Utah so I'm making the most of my vacation time. Also Gabby will be in two puppy matches one in Filer the other in Blackfoot.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Cody" Akadia Wildfire, RA

It was a beautiful day so I decided to take a couple of shots of Cody, plus I took one of Gabby and that's all I got batteries died on the camera, then it said memory card full which there was only 3 photos on it. So I had to switch to my Cannon Powershot camera.

"Cody" Akadia Wildfire, RA will be 4 years old next month

Cody is a half brother to our new puppy "Gabby" Akadia Something to Talk About, both Cody and Gabby are out of "Bell" Akadia HellsBells and Shannalee is hoping to get a ROM on Bell and we wish her all the best

"Gabby" Akadia Something To Talk About, 18 weeks old

Cody will be showing next month hopefully we will get his CD title and his Rally Excellent title we have 8 shows in 9 days two shows in Utah the rest in Idaho, Cody is my free spirit and that's what I love the most about this little guy. Gabby will be showing in two puppy matches up in Idaho just so she can have fun and see what it's all about.