Friday, May 29, 2009

The Box!!!

Gabby is teething right now, so we gave her a box to chew on in hopes that the loose teeth will come out. The other dogs are wondering what the heck, but Gabby loves her box.

Cody checks out the box
Ashley standing guard over the box

Gabby dives in head first!!! got to love puppies.

I have decided to post to my blog our upcoming trip to Idaho and the quest to get Cody his CD title, his Rally Excellent and first leg of his RAE we are taking the laptop and camera so I will post to my blog every night. We hit the road in June 8th.


Cool Design Shelties said...

It had to be a toothbox ;o) Have a nice trip to Idaho and good luck :o)

Josh and Jess said...

We wonder if Alan Jackson has a Sheltie??? I never thought of giving Josh and Jess a box to chew on, great idea.