Monday, April 20, 2009

Scary Saturday at our house!!!!

Saturday morning I got up feed and let out all the dogs, the backdoor was open so they could come in and out as they pleased and it was a beautiful morning and the gate to our yard was closed. Well I decided to take a shower and head out to do some shopping. Gabby and Cody were in the house with me so I put Gabby away in her crate with some more food and put Cody away behind the gate, and headed out to get Ashley and Tyson. I called for them the only dog that came was Ashley, Tyson was gone someone had opened up our gate.

Got my husband up and we hunted the neighborhood talked to people to see if they had seen a sheltie or a collie looking dog and no one had. My heart sank as we were 1-1/2hours in to the search and there was no sign of him. I talked to his breeder Marie Miles of Hill View Shelties and let her know what was going on.

I decided to go down and get some more paper so I could make up flyer's and while I was gone my hubby called me on the cell phone and said he was home. One of the people we had stopped and talked too saw him and got him and brought him home to us. My hubby said that he went out to the guys car and Tyson was just lying in the back seat.

I'm so happy to have him home, he was gone for over 4 hours. Saturday night we headed up to the local hardware store and brought a padlock so we can lock the gate. If I head lost all 4 of the dogs I would of been devastated.

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Josh and Jess said...

Both the dogs and I jumped straight up when the music came on!! I like it though...