Sunday, January 4, 2009

More photos of Cody doing scent work

I got the right one
Could it be this one

Which one is it!

Look at me I got it right

Scent work is the hardest thing to train a dog to do, and it is performed in the top level of obedience. Cody is still learning. They have to retrieve both leather and metal articles with your scent on, which is placed out in the pile.


GeeRome said...

Happy New Year! I just found your blog, and your Shelties are gorgeous!

All the best to your furry family in 2009.

Shannalee, Akadia Shelties said...

Love the pictures of him working. He is getting it,, little bugger.

Kristin said...

Handsome little guy, and smart to boot. What more can you ask?

Lacewood Shelties said...

I was tagged by Cool Design shelties, and now I’m tagging you!!!
You’ve been tagged. You are now suppose to:
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Click on the fifth folder and then the fifth photo,
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Have fun with it.